Food and Drink

Celebrating the best of the Algarve Coast's sea food, street food and fine dining

Food is of utmost importance at Galaxia Boat Show. Focussing on the wellbing of the planet and ourselves means handpicking the best traders, chefs and ingredients to ensure an unforgettable and healthy culinary experience. From fresh out of the water seafood, to local street food to fine dining experiences, we’ve got you covered. Spend time sipping champagne, sampling local craft beer or enjoying a juicy cocktail, all in stunning water side venues.

Please see the daily menus below from the amazing team at Latitude Wine and Tapas Restaurant, Luz. 


¨From the Land´ Friday 15th April

A Mediterranean Charcuterie with Presunto de Barrancos DOP (36-48) and a selection of premium cheeses. Plus freshly baked Shiacciata bread with a selection of toppings. Vegetarian, Vegan and Fish options also available. 


´From the Sea´ Saturday 16th April

An Algerian Ocean Gourmet Feast of Razor Clams, Langoustine, Mussels, Scallops, Lobster, Spider Crab, Clams, Prawns and Oysters. Served with cold Champagne. 


Easter Sunday Feast Sunday 17th April

Mixed Grill of top quality meat -  Rib Eye, Striploin, Tenderloin, Rump, Lamb Chops. Plus Slow cooked veal, belly pork and ribs.

Seafood Paella with squid ink

Meat and Saffron Paella 

Vegetarian Paella