The Galaxia Electric Boat Show

What to expect

Dive into the world of electric boats. 

Galaxia Boat Show is the place to be for the latest green technology in boating. Catch the latest innovations, world launches and experts in the field all in the beautiful Lagos marina on the Azure Algarve Coast. 

Alongside the technology we have everything on offer for water sports enthusiast and wellness fans. Explore a wide variety of opportunities to get on the water, from paddle boards to super yachts, there will be something for all the family. 

Plus find time to look after your body in an oceanside yoga class, pilates or meditation session, if that is not enough, step onboard our fantastic yacht spa for the indulgence your body deserves. 

Since the opening of the marina, in 1994, the crews that have visited the marine are its best ambassadors. Throughout these years, the marina has been visited by more than 40 000 boats and 100 000 guests, coming from all continents and from over 100 different nationalities. 

Marina de Lagos, distinguished by the sector’s world leading organizations, is proud of the comfort and safety of the facilities it offers, as well of the quality of the reception the marina staff will provide. Located on the Bay of Lagos, among the world’s best beaches and perfect sailing grounds, Marina de Lagos has the privilege of being right in the heart of the Discoveries’ home town.

Marine charging points will be installed at the marina for the show alongside a mobile solution which can be completely self sufficient in its deployment. This solution is currently utilised in support of eWRC championship and the electric Dakar Rally.

Show Agenda Overview


Show Agenda Part 1

Introducing Galaxia´s Women in Boating Series - Celebrating female champions in sailing, female marine industry experts, women in diving, surfing and more. Bringing in Olympic champions, senior executives of sailing organisations, Skippers and more, Galaxia will be giving the stage to most influential females in the field.


A captains' evenings - A networking event for captains and boat owners to relax in an informal and comfortable environment to chat and share a yarn. Food and drink will be provided. 

Champion's Panels: Including panel talks from champion surfers and other Portuguese and European water sports pioneers. 

Details on how to book will be announced soon! 


Show Agenda Part 2

Additionally, Galaxia will host:

Marina Owner Panel Conference facilitated by European marine owners (Open to all attendees) focusing on:

Sustainability in the marine industry, green technology and future government targets and their impact on the 'Blue Economy'

Creating and maintaining sustainable marine tourism


Electric boat test drives (over 50 berths) | Future of sustainable water sports (diving / marine toys) | Life cycle of GPR boats - construction and recycling | Seafood cooking demos from famous Portuguese chefs | Marine Art Gallery - Artefacts from around the world

Details soon....