Aqua superPower Show Partnership

Galaxia Electric Boat Show Partnership with Aqua superPower


Aqua superPower Partnership

Galaxia Boat Show Announces Two Year Partnership with AQUA superPower for First Electric Boat Show in PortugalPortugal’s inaugural electric boat show will welcome Aqua superPower as the official charging partner of the event. 

The first fully marinised network of fast chargers for electric boats, Aqua superPower will partner with Galaxia Boat Show for two years to support exhibitors and to show how marina owners, waterside locations, and local governments can benefit from the clean boating revolution by providing high-speed, reliable charging infrastructure as part of their decarbonisation and sustainability plans.  The company will be installing the Aqua 75 marine supercharger at Marina de Lagos and will be present throughout the Boat Show (15-18 April 2022) to demonstrate how the Aqua network operates, enabling both leisure and commercial electric boats to rapidly recharge and extend their autonomy. Beyond the show, the Aqua 75 charger will serve as the first in a growing regional network to be rolled out in the near future.

Riding the wave of electric vehicle innovation seen across the transportation sector, Galaxia Boat Show has joined forces with Marina de Lagos to bring electric boats, eco brands and other exhibitors to Lagos, Portugal, most notably AQUA superPower. With the installation of Aqua superPower’s rapid charger for electric boats, Marina de Lagos becomes the first destination in Portugal to adopt e-marine mobility, making Lagos a global example of marine sustainability and conservation of the environment. 

“Our partnership with Galaxia Boats is an important demonstration that the charging infrastructure exists to support the rapidly growing number of electric boats. We are delighted to service Marina de Lagos as a progressive destination that sets a positive example in driving marine decarbonisation and reducing the impact of boating on the environment. We look forward to playing a central role in making Galaxia Boats a success with the largest display of electric boats in Europe.” Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower

“We are excited to work with such a visionary and revolutionary brand such as Aqua superPower and through our work together we have helped to facilitate the installation of Aqua’s rapid charger at Marina de Lagos, the first for the Algarve and for Portugal. This is an important step towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come as well as the marine industry. Aqua’s partnership with Galaxia will help to promote a new era in electric boating.”Roman Wroath, Founder, Galaxia Boats 

“Marina de Lagos is thrilled to pioneer in riding the electric wave in marinas in Portugal and to offer the first electric boat charger in the country. A crucial step for our environment protection plan, for which we have found the perfect partners in Aqua superpower and Galaxia Boats, who share our determination, experience and the commitment to greener boating and the environment.” Ingrid Fortunato, Director, Marina de Lagos


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