January 2023 Editorial Feature

GALAXIA is at the forefront of the electric and sustainable revolution showcasing the most disruptive concepts and cutting-edge technology in environmentally conscious boating


Galaxia Press Editorial 

January 26th June v1

Kicking off the European boating season in style Galaxia Show returns for its second instalment at Marina de Lagos 12th – 14th May.

GALAXIA is at the forefront of the electric and sustainable revolution showcasing the most disruptive concepts and cutting-edge technology in environmentally conscious boating. Galaxia aims to create awareness and inspiration within and around the e-marine industry unveiling the latest innovations in digitalisation, electrification and care of the marine environment. 

Showcasing and supporting implementations of new sustainable solutions for a more ethical boating sector is essential if we are to continue enjoying the pleasures of the sea, while responding in an authentic manner to the challenges of its preservation. With that, Galaxia is defining a new norm.

Crossing genres of a traditional boat show and a festival environment with live internationally renowned music, a new type of boat show has been born. Galaxia celebrates the ocean, the lifestyle and the cleaner technology boating revolution. The 2023 event promises to be the largest and focused collection of electric and hybrid boats in Europe with a forecasted attendance of over 20,000 attendees.

GALAXIA has amassed an incredible lineup of partners with leading firms such as X Shore, Aqua superPower, Torqeedo, BoatCenter, Cheetah Marine, SunConcept, Mayla Yachts and many others, consolidating the show’s commitment to sustainability, innovation and digitalisation as drivers of change towards the blue economy.

eBrokerage (pre-launch) 

Alongside the show GALAXIA is building a digital marketplace to act as a brokerage and consultancy service to promote and develop sales opportunities for electric and sustainable boats, shore-side infrastructure and equipment. This will be primarily serviced through a digital offering removing barriers in the traditional sales process whilst trying to streamline sales. By partnering with a BitPay, not only can boats be purchased through the traditional payment methods, but is now accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method to offer tax advantageous and a convenient way for the customer to spend their crypto holdings in a non volatile process. A number of leading international brands are currently being on-boarded onto the digital marketplace. 

eMarinas (pre-launch)

GALAXIA E-Marinas desires to build a future that is eco responsible. The climate emergency we are witnessing concerns the whole marine ecosystem which has a duty to evolve, both vessels as well as port infrastructure and facilities. Marinas can be viewed as micro cities that interact with onshore and sea environments and have a key role to play in the future of civilisation. Innovation, ingenuity and collaboration are crucial as our world transitions rapidly to becoming sustainable.

GALAXIA eMarinas will be the very first off-grid, exclusive eMarinas that will design, innovate and build an ecosystem that utilises and invests in smart and sustainable modular solutions.

Employing a central HQ with a network of global marinas under the GALAXIA brand in partnership with local stakeholders. GALAXIA aims to fundamentally re-design the world around us. Building an eco system of disruptive marine tech businesses supporting start-ups and scaling with multiple ancillary revenue streams across retail, hospitality and technical centres.